Simple, open source

messaging tool

Raven is where your teammates engage.

Organise discussions in channels. React with emojis. Share files, images, code snippets, and more.


Organise group chats in channels

Create channels and control who can participate in your conversations.

Private channels are secure member-only conversations.

Public channels allow anyone to view the messages, but only members can send messages in it.

Open channels are for your entire organisation - with everyone being able to view and send messages in it.

Send messages to your peers

Reach out to other members in your team in one-on-one private conversations via direct messages.

Have notes to keep? You can also send a message to yourself.

A screenshot of Raven


Personalise your messages with rich text

With the in-built rich text editor, send messages with formatting, highlights, links and even code blocks!

A screenshot showing messages on Raven with multiple text formatting options

Share images, documents, or memes

Drag and drop your files and hit send. Your teammates will be able to preview most of them right inside the app.

Message actions a right click away

Simply right click a message to perform actions - edit, copy, delete and more.

Do not lose context with replies

Reply to messages from the actions palette and keep the conversation going. Replies will appear inline in your message stream.

A screenshot of Raven with an inline message reply

A reply too much? React instead.

Quickly react to messages with an emoji.

Finding messages

Save messages for later

Don't lose track of important messages. Bookmark them, and find them later in your saved messages channel.

A screenshot of Raven showing some saved messages


Hit ⌘K (Ctrl + K on Windows) to search for channels, people, messages and files in or across multiple channels. Narrow down your search further for better results.

A screenshot of the command palette available on Raven for searching messages, files and channels

Notifications and mobile

View messages as soon as they arrive

Unread messages will appear beside all channels so you don’t miss an update.

Stay up to date on the go

The Raven mobile app helps you stay connected on the go. Push notifications are coming later this year.

Three screenshots of the Raven mobile app shown inside an iPhone container

The chat app for the Frappeverse

If you use any Frappe app - including ERPNext - you can now integrate directly with Raven.

Ravens deliver straight to your Desk

Looking at your books and have questions? Engage with your teammates directly inside desk - right where you run your business.

Send a Raven with a document

Tired of sending emails to colleagues? Send a message on Raven with a link to the document instead. Messages sent via Raven will also show up in your document’s timeline.

What we're working on next

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